aaa immigration Helping you acquire
a Vanuatu Passport
We take care of all aspects of citizenship and passport acquisition for Vanuatu. Book an appointment
Citizenship by Investment to
obtain a Second Passport
aaa-passports With over 50 years experience, we can help with the paperwork to acquire a Vanuatu passport Book an appointment Accredited Vanuatu Government
DSP Citizenship Agent
Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

CBI Benefits

Visa-free travel to 130 countries, incl. UK, EU

CBI Costs

Investment contribution from US$130,000

CBI Application Process

Citizenship within 60 days

CBI Application Requirements

Completely confidential
Easy Application – we help take care of every step
Less Stress – You don't have to deal with any Government Departments
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AAA Citizenship & Immigration

An accredited and designated agent of the Vanuatu Government Development Support Program (DSP). The Development Support Program was enacted in 2017 and supports infrastructure and economic development for Vanuatu.

AAA Citizenship & Immigration, is a division of the Barrett & Partner Group, whose origins date back to 1971. As part of one of the largest firms in Port Vila, we value a reputation for providing efficient, high quality service to our clients, both locally and internationally.

We have extensive knowledge of local regulations, legislation and a close working relationship with government ministries, departments and authorities. In short, we provide reliable guidance and assistance to facilitate the application and acquisition process to obtain Vanuatu Citizenship.


We can help you with all aspects of Citizenship, Immigration, and Visas

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Phone: +678 22888
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